Sunday, 16 June 2013

Forever Friends With Cake Using Spica Pens - Especially For Shabnam

Well this is the last topper for Forever Friends (for now anyway)
This one you will recognise from an earlier posting...
However, Dawn Omar put out a request for anyone to send a birthday card to her beautiful sweet daughter, a little angel named Shabnam who was 4 on the 21st of May
Dawn said that Shabnam loved all this bright and colourful, cute things, bright and sparkly!
So I decided to use the Forever Friends Topper and card I had made a added a bit of colour to it.
the card itself is already embossed so I thought I would fill in the flowers and use my Spica Pens as they are glittery and delicate :)
In the end I just had to do it all and I really like the effect actually, I did think it would go horribly wrong but I think it is perfect for a 4 year old birthday girl who has learnt how to open birthday cards :)D
I have spoken to Dawn since and was glad to find out that the card arrived safe and sound and Shabnam opened it and loved the surprise Cinderella that I had decoupaged on the inside for her. 
The photo did not turn out clear at all so I have not added it here xx
Thanks for looking and I hope you like the Spica Pens doodled on the Embossed card!
Would love your feedback on this card please.
lots of hugs

Forever Friends with a Bunch of Flowers

Hello :0)
I don't think the image of this one has come out as well as I had hoped.
You can See the topper is a Forever Friends bear with lots of flowers and a ribbon in a bow.  The embellishments are all flowers and the sentiment says 'Because your special'
A sweet card with lots of colour, definitely a girly birthday card :0)
What do you think of this one out of the set?  Thanks for looking
Big Hugs

Forever Friends With Presents

Hi, this is the Party Forever Friends Card with the balloons and presents as the embellishment. 
Obviously aimed as a birthday card - Male or Female I think.
I went for the oval card for the toppers and embellishments. 
Thanks for looking xx

Forever Friends in a Picnic Basket


This one is a Thank You Forever Friends card, he has added himself into the picnic basket!  The cakes look yummy xx

Charity Cross Stitch Update...

Hi All,

Just to let you know I am working hard on the cross stitch and working my way though the owl I have promised to make...finding white thread on white Aida a little bit tricky with the old eyes LOL.  Hope to have it finished....the one I am currently stitching my way through is...
Fan 19 - Baby Animals 2 - CHOSEN TO STITCH AN OWL
Closing date 30th June 2013 -
White Aida measuring 7x7 inches (18x18 cms)
I will put a picture up as soon as I have completed it and before I post it as you can see, I don't have too long left!  Eek....Going to have to finish and post it by Wednesday the 26th to reach there in plenty of time and allow postage and for the weekend....
May not be crafting for a while....just stitching lol
Feels good to be doing something positive for charity and the child who will receive this panel on a blanket, once Auntie Jane has worked her magic. xxxx
Thanks for your support
Sonia xx


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Country Companions

Hi Everyone,
Well here it is, the first card I have made since my operation!  Hubby asked me to make him a card as his mum had just moved to her new home with her hubby!
Well, I said I have not made a new house one or have anything!  So he chose the image, and I had a panic and freak out but took on the challenge!!!!
Went through all the craft boxes I had organised found basil card stock, flowers, a charm from the Hobby House, Paper Mania Capsule Collection paper, some velvet cream ribbon, glitter glue, bows, punches for leaves, adhesive pearls and a sentiment...Grabbed all the things I thought went with the image and just went for it....Starting with an 8 by 8 scalloped white card.
So, please be gentle as I really tried hard not to let him down!
Here it is...

I would really appreciate your feedback on this card, as I said I had a go, I had the image in my hand and just grabbed things to co-ordinate, then I put things together on the layout first before attaching anything.  I added pearls to the butterfly, leaves to the flowers from my stash, and glitter glue to the image - the little mouse top with stripes, his nose and the flower centres. 
I tried to layer it and make  more elements stand out and this is a complete one of design which had been just planned under pressure!
I really hope you like it and thank you so much for looking.  Hope you are all well.
Take care and hugs

Great Service from Lisa B Designs :0)


Just wanted to let you know that Lisa Baker has been absolutely fantastic in her customer service, you guys know that I speak about great customer service instead of shouting about the bad ones. I just love the good guys and think they deserve the mention far more. 

Lisa helped me out when in a spot as I needed some help, she arranged it really fast and I now will be able to finally use my stamps and colour (due to health I can't place enough pressure) :(

I have purchased all the Bella Stamps as I wanted to learn to colour and my stamping is NOT good, Lisa recommended a lady to me (Suzanne) and she will come to my home and help me cool is that?  And Lisa had only got back from Spain the night before and had more than enough to do but still helped me out big time.  THANK YOU LISA XX

Anyway, I also use Lisa's web site as she is really competitive in prices and has delivery which is super fast and great products....if you have not seen her website or her work please do go look at her website....she has the following:

  • Great Customer Service
  • Help and Support
  • A Sale on which has FANTASTIC offers on (I know, I purchased)!
  • Wild Rose Studio Stamps and Paper Packs
  • Hobby House Products and gems too
These were just things I loved!

Lisa also has loads of new 'goodies' coming in and definitely worth a look :D

Please do go check out her site :D

Thank, lots of hugs
Sonia ~x~

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hi :)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and comments that have been left and to all my followers.  I am so proud that I have managed to achieve this blog and set it up, and with the help of Paula Holifield with the layout into a style that is more me :)  Thank you very much Paula.

I am recovering slowly, sadly last week was the worst one so far and I am in week 5 now of having had the surgery done.  I have still not managed to make a single card but I am hoping to and am learning to colour.  So I have been researching colouring with pro markers and getting inspiration...

I have made some fantastic friends online who chat to me and keep me going as I have got a bit down with this set back...however, I do intend to finish this owl cross stitch for charity and make some cards which will be Hunky Dory.  Mainly as they are all I can manage at the moment and it will be a start.  

Paula and Tracy, I cannot thank you both enough for all your help, advice and support.  Just want you to both know I really appreciate you and for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I managed to miss several birthdays, a hen night, a wedding, a baby shower and seeing my friends.  Sadly these are things that are one offs, and I will not be able to share those experiences or have those memories which did make me rather sad and think 'why me' - however, I knew there would be ups and downs so here is to some more ups :D    Supportive family and friends who have been so understanding too xx

And to all my followers, I thank you for your comments and your patience and understanding.  I have for the first time ever spent the last 5 days in bed...on complete bed rest which is really weird...there has been a set back with my operation and it seems that I will need to have another operation in 6 months.  However, that is a lot of crafting time till then.  Which I hope to start making some progress on now.  

I won't know anymore on my healing process until my 8 week check, but have had an emergency appointment with my consultant at the beginning of the week.  Plan A failed so now for Plan B....

So I really just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for your continuous support and let you know that your support, feedback, and staying with me on my blog means the world to me.  

Best wishes and wishing you all well with good health.   :)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Forever Friends in an Envelope!

Hi Again,

Here is another Forever Friends Quick Make

Forever Friends with Cake

I purchased some Forever Friends Toppers and the Cards which go with them and thought I would have a little play around. 
Basically I wanted to add the Topper to a Card with a Panel in a similar shape...
I took these images standing up as I wanted to try and capture the patterns on the card behind.
I love the topper and thought it fit the panel well with the little flowers on the top left and bottom right.  I added the sentiment 'Make a Wish' to the bottom in the middle. 
Hope you like it and please do leave feedback if you can :)

Forever Friends in a box

There are about 7 of these I managed (well 6 and 1 I added too) so Forever Friends it is.
Again Toppers, this is the bear in a box - Surprise Birthday :)
I chose the circle panel on this card as I thought it fitted well. 
Then embellished with cakes and flowers and a sentiment 'On Your Special Day'

Again, just a quick make for a birthday card and you can see the pattern on the card.  I know I can use chalk etc.
However, I wanted to keep it Clean and Simple. 

Thank you for looking

Basket of Flowers

Hi :D

Today you get my final flowery one!  Which is Basket of Flowers. 

As you can see I got a bit more adventurous, my confidence is slowly building :)
I have decoupaged a basket of flowers which are lovely they were good fun to do and keep me quiet.
The card is a larger one with scalloped edges, I wanted to leave a lot of white space for the border this time. 
I thought I would use this light tan Basil card and my Martha Stewart Punch.  (Have to use them as they were a new purchase). 
I only did the left and right borders, as I did not want to push my luck, and was pleased with the effect :)  I did think about adding diamante's to the flowers but chose not to this time as they were elsewhere. 
I then used some Purple card which is pearlised and punched along the top and bottom to contrast the tan panel.  I love the way it came together. 
I added a ribbon along the bottom and a bow on the top right hand corner of the decoupage panel and finally I got out the gems :)

There are clear gems slightly larger on the purple panel, ribbon and outside white part of the card.
There are the tiny purple pearlised (3 mm) gems on the yellow flowers in the centre (I think they are pansies)
Finally, I did this on the inside, again very simple, the purple pearlised card for the inside, using the Martha Stewart Punch on the bottom  and then a bow in the top left hand corner.
I hope you like it, and that the write ups are ok.  I just started to do them so if anyone wanted a go they could and also my memory is a bit like mush at the moment so it will help me remember!

Owl and Flowers

This is a completely different card for me.  I made one very similar years ago with Lisa.B Designs, when she was running workshops with Jenny and Invicta Craft Centre.
So we have squares and Owls with Flowers
I decided I love the squares and to give it a go again and then add a few embellishments.
What do you think?
I like the squares around a plain white border square card.  Yes, that is a border but one from my Cuttle Bug not a Martha Steward Punch! 
The Owls and flowers were cute, I keep thinking there is one eye missing (candy) and then remember the owl is winking! 
I love the flowers and again the branch was another long plate die used with my my Cuttle Bug and Candy was used for the Centre.
Thanks for looking, would be interested in your feedback
Thank you and Hugs


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bella Card By Kate Wiles for Me :D

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to share with you this beautiful card that Kate Wiles sent to me.  I have added my watermark to it as it is Kate's card (for me) and it is to protect it from copyright for Kate.

How beautiful is this....
Thank you Kate
All my Love and Hugs Always