Friday, 15 November 2013

3rd Card ~ Hobby House ~Card Kit

Hi Everyone :0) I hope you are all well. Here is my third card - it is a card from Hobby House and is part of box set they were advertising. It looked great as basically it contained everything you needed to make 6 (I think) cards :0) Great Idea, but not when your on medication...I found this one REALLY hard to make! Anyway, I am pleased to say that I finally won the battle and this is what I came up with. I have to say it was a challenge for me and a real head scratcher!!!!
I decided this would be a lovely card for a very good friend of mine Vonny. I have never, ever made her a home made card for her lol so I thought I would surprise her this year with this one :) In the end, I had great fun with this card :) I love the flowers in the top right hand corner, I punched out some leaves and added some of my tiny roses from my stash of flowers The Hobby House image is a Topper so I think I added some Pearl gems to that as well and some glitter to the image The border around the image I have added pearls too I added the Spiral of swirly pearls to the bottom right and really liked the effect I love the look of the panels with the ribbon and added gems - I think I would have liked to have added a border through the middle to make it look like 6 panels (Hindsight) But overall, I am really pleased with it and think she is lovely. Vonny was also pleased with the card too which is great. Thank you for looking, hugs Sonia xx I thought I would be brave and try and enter a few blog challenges :0) They are as follow:

Children In Need

Hi Everyone, Just a note to ask...if you are able to join in, the PLEASE do..... Just donated :0) On top of the £25 to hire a Captain Jack Sparrow Outfit for eldest and paid for both sons to go in non school uniform for Children in Need...But, a fantastic cause, where every pound (£) counts - so if you can PLEASE donate ~ Thank you ~ Sonia xx I’ve helped change the lives of children & young people in the UK by donating to BBC Children in Need, you can help too. Sonia Jackson Donation Reference: = 2NB3IQ4EA32804S8WWOG Please add yours if you do donate THANK YOU & Hugs,

Thursday, 7 November 2013

2nd Card - Thinking of you at this sad time

Hello Everyone, Firstly, I am amazed with the comments and support that you have been kind enough to show me and want to thank you again for inspiring me to give this a go. As promised here is my second card - I hoped to Blog it a bit sooner but I have had a rough few days, Week 1 of recovery was ok, but then it started to go downhill and I found I have had to go rest a lot more or go to bed. I also managed to get an infection too so that probably added to the increase in pain. it is :)
As mentioned before, it is the second card for my friend who wanted it for his mum. It is a Hunky Dory Card and I really did not have a clue what to do, the sentiment he wanted was the same as the sentiment on the panel. So, I decided to make the card as a tall card with the panel, add a ribbon and bow and then some purple gems. My aim was to go with elegant as it was a sentimental card. I then added the sentiment to the inside of the card. I am pleased to say my friend Mark was pleased with the outcome. I hope you like the card too. Thanks for all your support, Hugs, Sonia xx