Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spring Flowers

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience, I am getting my cards together and managing to get them up on my Blog.  Sorry, I have taken so long, I have even managed to fall asleep at the laptop several times now! LOL. 

But here is my first card for you :)

I have called this spring flowers as they are and pretty.  I enjoyed decoupaging the flowers and used my Martha Stewart Punch which was fun.  I have mat and layered the card and embellished the cards with gems and pearl gems.  In the image I have added diamantes' to the daffodil and other pink flowers at the bottom.  They are subtle but visible.

This card shows that it is partially open as I actually cut the front of the card panel down with the Martha Stewart Punch.  You also get a glimpse of the inside which has corner punches in the corner, matting and layering for the message and left blank for any occasion. 

This Image should make is a little clearer, you can see the card laying down, the border is pretty and shows of the inside as well :0)
Again, a fun card to make which I enjoyed. 
Thank you for looking.
Please do leave feedback and comments as they mean a lot to me :)

Flowers in a Pot

Hi :0)
Hope you are well and having a great day. 
The card that is on display today is more flowers!
Sorry the photo image is wonky!  Will work on my photography skills I promise!
This card is a square on with no scalloped edges this time.  I did enjoy going back to matting and layering the card.
I have use a dark brown tan and then a lighter mocha brown basil card stock. 

Again the flowers are decoupaged and I have used tiny silver gems in the centre, thought I would try this instead of the sparkly crystal ones.  However, they were used on the border on the left.  This is just a cut out die and I thought the blue went nicely with the background and the tan paper matched the pot holding the flowers.  On the right hand side I added some more tiny silver gems and on the left side they are the bigger crystal gyms.  The matting and layering is not wonky!  It is the angle I took the photo at!!!!

The following image is the same card just standing up at an angle, what I liked is the look of the light reflecting on it and it sparkling.  I kept the card simple and did not use glamour dust or glitter glue.  I just wanted to keep it simple, stylish and elegant. 

I hope you like what you see :0)  I enjoyed making these cards in March.  Some were for Mother's day and sold and others the others will be donated to charity.
Thanks for looking and please do let me know what your thoughts are on this card :0)

Friday, 24 May 2013


Hi All,

Apologies for not updating for a while...I have had a few set backs with my recovery.  I was going to stop blogging but decided if you can bear with me....I will continue.

Give me a week or so please and I will try and start again.

Many thanks for all your support, kind messages and understanding.

Lots of love and gentle hugs
Sonia xx

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fan of the Week 22nd May 20113

I am really pleased to find out this....

I have been chosen as Fan of the Week for SFPSFC Charity that I am doing the cross stitches for. 

It may seem silly, but I am really proud to be apart of this amazing charity and think Aunty Jane, Ali and everyone else involved as well as the stitchers' are doing an incredibly amazing and important job for this charity to keep going. 

Feeling very proud and smiling :D

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Charity Cross Stitch Update

A huge thank you to Stitcher Val who has been amazing in helping and advising me for the cross stitches.  I finally understand it all and you have the patience of a Saint!

I have the owl sorted for my first cross stitch and the dragon for my second :) 

I hope to start the Owl soon :)

Thank you so much and take care

Hugs, Sonia xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

All Quilts Made from 2006 to 2012 for SFPSFC


Here is the link which takes you directly to the Charity Website and shows ALL of the SFPSFC Quilts which have been made from 2006 to 2012

I hope you enjoy looking, they are absolutly amazing.