Thursday, 7 November 2013

2nd Card - Thinking of you at this sad time

Hello Everyone, Firstly, I am amazed with the comments and support that you have been kind enough to show me and want to thank you again for inspiring me to give this a go. As promised here is my second card - I hoped to Blog it a bit sooner but I have had a rough few days, Week 1 of recovery was ok, but then it started to go downhill and I found I have had to go rest a lot more or go to bed. I also managed to get an infection too so that probably added to the increase in pain. it is :)
As mentioned before, it is the second card for my friend who wanted it for his mum. It is a Hunky Dory Card and I really did not have a clue what to do, the sentiment he wanted was the same as the sentiment on the panel. So, I decided to make the card as a tall card with the panel, add a ribbon and bow and then some purple gems. My aim was to go with elegant as it was a sentimental card. I then added the sentiment to the inside of the card. I am pleased to say my friend Mark was pleased with the outcome. I hope you like the card too. Thanks for all your support, Hugs, Sonia xx