Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hi :)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and comments that have been left and to all my followers.  I am so proud that I have managed to achieve this blog and set it up, and with the help of Paula Holifield with the layout into a style that is more me :)  Thank you very much Paula.

I am recovering slowly, sadly last week was the worst one so far and I am in week 5 now of having had the surgery done.  I have still not managed to make a single card but I am hoping to and am learning to colour.  So I have been researching colouring with pro markers and getting inspiration...

I have made some fantastic friends online who chat to me and keep me going as I have got a bit down with this set back...however, I do intend to finish this owl cross stitch for charity and make some cards which will be Hunky Dory.  Mainly as they are all I can manage at the moment and it will be a start.  

Paula and Tracy, I cannot thank you both enough for all your help, advice and support.  Just want you to both know I really appreciate you and for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I managed to miss several birthdays, a hen night, a wedding, a baby shower and seeing my friends.  Sadly these are things that are one offs, and I will not be able to share those experiences or have those memories which did make me rather sad and think 'why me' - however, I knew there would be ups and downs so here is to some more ups :D    Supportive family and friends who have been so understanding too xx

And to all my followers, I thank you for your comments and your patience and understanding.  I have for the first time ever spent the last 5 days in bed...on complete bed rest which is really weird...there has been a set back with my operation and it seems that I will need to have another operation in 6 months.  However, that is a lot of crafting time till then.  Which I hope to start making some progress on now.  

I won't know anymore on my healing process until my 8 week check, but have had an emergency appointment with my consultant at the beginning of the week.  Plan A failed so now for Plan B....

So I really just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for your continuous support and let you know that your support, feedback, and staying with me on my blog means the world to me.  

Best wishes and wishing you all well with good health.   :)