Monday, 22 December 2014

Exclusive E-Book by Sonia Jackson

Hello :)

I have finally completed the Exclusive E-Book Featuring Promarker Tutorials by:
Donna-Marie Jerrett. 

You will learn:

  • How to colour each Section of Baby Angel Castiel - Bauble, Blanket, Skin, Hair and Wings
  • How light hits an object such as the Bauble,
  • How to add Shine to the Bauble to make it Super Shiny! 
  • How depth is created in Shaded Areas

There are also Explanations:

  • Colouring Skin
  • Colouring Hair
  • Adding Shade
  • Adding Shine
  • Basic Colouring Information
  • Printing Digital Stamps

Donna has very kindly produced not one but two tutorials for us on the same image.

The image is Baby Angel Castiel by Mo Manning, who has very kindly given her permission and consent to use this Image for this E-Book only.

Mo has also very kindly provided a Discount Code - Exclusively for this E-Book for you to purchase Baby Angel Castiel from Mo's Digital Pencil

Also included in this E-Book are:

By Donna-Marie Jerrett:

Two Very Detailed In Depth Step-by-Step Tutorials - Exclusive to this E-Book Only

  • Tutorial 1 - Red and Gold Bauble
  • Tutorial 2 - Blue and Silver Bauble
  • Hints and Tips for Skin and Shine
  • Details of Promarkers Used in Both Tutorials
  • Colour Conversions from Promarkers to Copic Markers and Spectrum Noirs
  • Beautiful Digital Christmas Stamps:  Donna and My Art by Toni
  • Exclusive Inspirational Handmade Cards By:
    • Alyx Baillie
    • Sally-ann Baker
    • Diane Scotland
    • Michelle Shirley
    • Elaine Wheeler
    • Details About the Card Designer
  • Hyperlinks to their Blogs/Groups/Shop
  • Details of the Promarkers Used to colour the Digi Stamp
  • Details of the Products Used to Create their Exclusive Handmade Inspirational Card
  • A Close Up of the Coloured Image
  • The Completed Exclusive Handmade Inspirational Card
  • Top Tips
  • Their coloured Baby Castiel Angel Image
  • The Promarkers Used for Colouring their Image
  • Their Details for Facebook, Groups, and Blogs

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