Saturday, 7 December 2013

5th Post! My Ganesh Cross Stitch

Hi Everyone, I am not sure where my cross stitch tab on my blog has gone too! But I wanted share this with you. It took me 18 months to stitch and I am really proud and still cannot believe that I made this :) It is a cross stitch of Lord Ganesh~ a Hindu God of Wisdom and Knowledge....I love elephants though!
I actually finished it on the 1st of October 2012 and I gave it to my husband as it was his birthday ~ my younger brother thought I should let him have it for a wedding pressie ~ I love him dearly but, he can have visiting rights! My Uncle said I could leave it with him! and my Grandmother was so proud. And that was before it was lovingly framed by my husband. So it has pride and place in our front room and looks like a picture - I originally was not sure about the green background and wanted the orangy/red one....boy am I glad I stuck with the green :) I hope you like it. Love and hugs Sonia xx